Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bahari Potol

"শুভ নববর্ষের আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা সকল বন্ধুদের " 
Wish you all a very bright and happy Bengali New Year!
"Poila Boisakh" is a very special day to me, as there are loads memory attached with this day since I was a child. Like any other Bengali business-background family, we always celebrated this occasion as a new start ..with "notun khata" (to start a new financial year). Puja -good food-new dresses etc.
Being away from my home, I miss those things. Now it's only cooking some good food and talking with family over phone or Skype and greeting friends on social medias! Time changes!
I made something lovely and easy with our favourite vegetable "Potol" (pointed gourd). I never cooked pointed gourd like this before. Sharing the recipe Here.

Yield 4 servings
Ingredients for "Bahari Potol":
  1. Potol (pointed gourd) 8-10 
  2. Black mustard seed 1 and half table spoon
  3. Poppy seed 1 and half table spoon
  4. Freshly grated coconut 4 table spoon
  5. Green chilli 3-4 (according to your taste)
  6. Nigella seed 2 pinch
  7. Turmeric powder
  8. Salt as needed
  9. Sugar 1/2 teaspoon
  10. Mustard oil (use any other vegetable oil if mustard oil is not available)
How to prepare "Bahari Potol":
  • Soak mustard seed and poppy seed together for an hour. Grind to a smooth paste with green chillies and a large pinch of salt.
  • Add grated coconut to food processor and give it few quick pulse to make it smoother.
  • Now wash and scrap the shiny skin of pointed gourds with a knife..give it a matty not peel. Cut the both end and half them lengthwise.
  • Smear pointed gourds with little salt and turmeric powder. Keep it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Heat oil in a pan. Fry potol-halves over low heat and cover until they are cooked but try to keep them golden. Take them out from oil.
  • Mix mustard seed-poppy seed paste and coconut paste together with few table spoon water, salt, few pinch turmeric powder and half tea spoon sugar.
  • Change the oil if it is black in color or reduce the oil to 1 table spoon. Temper it with nigella seeds.
  • Add spice paste to it. Stir it and add little water if needed. Bring it to shimmer.
  • Add fried Potol. Shimmer covered for 3-4 minutes over low heat. Spices should coat potol nicely. Check seasoning and add little raw mustard oil before you turn off the heat. 
  • Mustard oil and mustard seed gives it awesome XXXtra zing !! Serve with some daal and steaming hot rice!
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  1. woah!! i did hear many times that bengali foods and sweets rock but sadly i have never eaten one. that bittergourd looks tasty as hell but my mom makes them THE BEST!!


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