Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Purna di r Ilisher Tok-Jhal (Purna di's Sour & Spicy Hilsa)

I got this recipe from Purna di. The other day, I saw a picture of this beautiful hilsa preparation on Facebook and can't help but drooling over it! Decided to try it as soon possible. 
This is the second time I tried Purna di's recipe with grand success. This is really an easy and awesome recipe. What I loved the most about this dish is, it's  tongue-tickling sour and spicy taste with the zing of mustard. Coming to the recipe..I didn't changed or modified anything from the original recipe. Thanks to didi for sharing this very "different" recipe with us.
Adapted from Purna Chowdhury 
Ingredients for "Purna di r Ilisher Tok-Jhal": 
  1. Hilsa steaks 5-6 big pieces
  2. Black mustard seed 4 table spoon
  3. Cumin seeds: 1 tea spoon
  4.  Ginger less than 1/2 inch (optional...I used)
  5.  Tamarind pulp 1 tea spoon or to taste
  6. Green chillies 6-7
  7. Salt according to your taste
  8. Turmeric as needed
  9.  Mustard oil 3 table spoon + 1 tea spoon

How to prepare "Purna di r Ilisher Tok-Jhal":
  •  Soak the mustard seed & cumin seed for at least an hour. Strain and grind with fresh water, salt, and 2-3 green chillies, and ginger into a creamy paste. Mix the paste with 2-3 table spoon water and keep aside.
  •  Smear the fish in turmeric and salt and about 1 tsp of raw mustard oil and keep it aside for some times.
  •  Heat oil in a pan and add the steaks sauté on both sides..do not fry too much.Just few seconds for each side. 
  • Add the spices-mix and little more water if needed. Turn down the heat. Let the steaks simmer till the gravy turns bright golden and the fish is cooked. Turn down the heat to minimum and add the tamarind pulp diluted in 2 tsp of water if it is too thick.
  • Let the gravy cook for some more time till the gravy becomes a rich golden color.
  • Add some fresh chilies and a tea spoon of raw mustard oil.
  • Serve with steaming hot rice :)
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  2. Delicious and mouthwatering Ilish macher jhal. Wonderfully prepared.

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