Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Masala"-talks over a cup of "Masala Chai"

Let me admit that, I am very much a coffee-lover rather than tea. I am not addicted to tea or never was. But I am in love with tea-time-"adda"s (chats)! Wanna know what made those chats so special? Well, suppose it starts with the "tea you are having" and ends up with a fight about "ruler party and opposition" or may be "supporting different football clubs" or even "different favourite actors"! To be honest, you will not be able to remember where you started! Those aggressive stupid-chats used to give (still it does) us pure sense of "pleasure".
   Officially I started drinking tea after I got married. As "he" needs tea at least 2 times a day if not more. Initially I started drinking to give him company and eventually started liking it. My favourite "everyday morning-tea" is lemon-tea ("lebu cha")with black pepper and black salt. And "adrakwali chai" for evenings! "Masala chai"  for special evenings!! This is "his" favourite sort of tea. Won't deny that I have secretly started having a soft-corner for this too. Still coffee is my first love!
I must say that, I never thought to write a post on tea. It's my friend Shruti , who insisted :)
 Here is our favourite "masala chai".

Ingredients for "Masala Chai":
Yield 2 cups tea

  1. Full cream milk 1 and 1/2 cups
  2. Water 3/4 cup
  3. Tea leaf 2 table spoon (I use "Tata tea")
  4. Ginger 1" piece (crushed)
  5. Cinnamon stick 1" stick (crushed)
  6. Green cardamom 4 pieces (crushed)
  7. Cloves 4 pieces (crushed)
  8. Saffron very few strands (4-5 strands)
  9. Sweetener of your choice and according to your taste (normally I  use white sugar or light brown sugar) 

How to prepare "Masala Chai":
  • Heat milk and water together in a tea-pan. Bring it to shimmer. Mix with crushed spices (except saffron) and tea leaf. Stir it nicely.
  • Shimmer over low heat for 4 minutes. Add sweetener and shimmer for another 1 minute.
  • Mix with saffron strands. Turn off the heat. Cover it with a lid for 30 seconds and strain to your favourite cups. Serve immediately.

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