Monday, September 30, 2013

"Ka(n)krar Jhaal" (Spicy Crab Curry)

I have seen them many times crawling in the large aquarium. But couldn't summon up the courage to take them home. I am talking about those live crabs. I had crab very few times in my entire life. Even I can count and tell you the exact number. Ma never liked to cook crab at home for some unknown reason. Not that I ever bothered. Somehow I don't have much liking or disliking about this particular thing. My sister and baba used to love them. The workers of baba's shop used to cook crabs for themselves and they always send us. The smell was salivating and so the look. But somehow I found it more munching than eating actually!
Needless to say, I never cooked it at home before. So, I was calculating the risk and then the Bangladeshi crab-seller in our supermarket (usual Chinese supermarket) insisted me to buy them. According to him, it was really good quality. After many consideration I decided to buy them. And the first question he asked me, "Pakate zanen?" ("Do you know how to cook?") And I had to admit that, I never cooked before. So he suggested me "Bhuna banan...pani diyen na." ("Make it dry curry..don't add water"). Well, that was not too much help. But the real help he did, is to dress and clean crabs very well. And by the evening I was home with four crabs.
Immediately I called my neighbour Paromita di for recipe. I had crab once at her place. And it was really awesome. So I followed her recipe. Thanks to Paromita di for this brilliant recipe.

Ingredients for "Ka(n)krar Jhaal":
  1. Crab 4 medium size ( dressed, cleaned and washed properly)
  2. Red onion 3 large (cut into thin slices)
  3. Tomato 1 large (chopped)
  4. Ginger paste 2 table spoon
  5. Garlic paste 1 table spoon
  6. Green/red chilli paste according to your tolerance (I used 6-7 hot chillies, as it is suppose to be a spicy dish)
  7. Turmeric powder 1/4 tea spoon and more for marination
  8. Chilli powder 1/2 tea spoon
  9. Garam masala 1/2 tea spoon
  10. Salt according to taste
  11. Sugar 1/4 tea spoon (optional) 
  12. Fenugreek seed 1 tea spoon 
  13. Oil 6-7 table spoon 
  14. Ghee 1 table spoon

How to prepare "Ka(n)krar Jhaal":
  • Marinate crabs with salt and turmeric powder for 15-20 minutes.
  • Heat up a pan with oil. Fry crab till they turn red in colour. Take them out and keep separately.
  • Sprinkle fenugreek seeds to remaining oil and stir until fragrant. Take out the seeds from oil. Add onion slices now. Fry until soft, translucent and browned at  edges.
  • Stir in tomato. Mix it nicely. Add ginger-garlic-chilli paste. Cook over medium heat until you get nice aroma and oil starts separating. Add turmeric and chilli powder.
  • Mix spices nicely with fried crabs. Cook over medium heat for 3-4 minutes. Now reduce the heat and cook covered. Scrape the bottom occasionally. Add little water (may be little more than half cup). Shimmer over low heat until almost done. 
  • Add salt now. Mix well. Shimmer for 4-5 minutes. Lastly add garam masala powder. Mix properly. Cook over high heat till oil floats and there is no water. As it is suppose to be a dry dish.
  • Turn off the heat and add ghee. Enjoy "Ka(n)krar Jhaal" with steaming hot rice!

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  1. I've only seen crab in Mr.Bean, the movie. It seems very crunchy though! Never tried to make it myself. Doesn't seem good to me.

  2. I have heard crab is good for health sepcially its soup. But i personally don't like it no matter how good it is cooked but i don't like its appearance.


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