Monday, August 5, 2013

Orange-apricot Coffee Cake

Vibrant shades of orange and fresh aroma was at everywhere in my kitchen this weekend. I woke up with a very fresh mood in a gloomy Sunday morning! And thought to brighten up the environment. What can be a brighter colour than orange!
I had lots of orange and couple of apricot packets. Thought to make a quick coffee cake.
I love baking in the morning. It gives me really a great start.

Ingredients for "Orange-Apricot Coffee Cake":
  1. All purpose flour 2 cups and more for dusting baking pan
  2. Sugar 1 cup and 1/4 cup (or little more if you like)
  3. Unsalted butter 1 cup and more 1 table spoon for greasing baking pan
  4. Salt 1/4 tea spoon 
  5. Baking powder 1 tea spoon and 2 more pinches 
  6. Orange extract 1/2 tea spoon
  7. Fresh orange juice 1/2 cup 
  8. Orange zest 1 tea spoon
  9. Egg 2 large
  10. Dried apricot (chopped) 1 and 1/2 cup 

How to prepare "Orange-Apricot Coffee Cake":
  • Grease your baking pan with butter (I used my loaf pan) and dust with flour.
  • Preheat your oven to 180°C
  • Sieve and shift all purpose flour, salt and baking powder to a bowl.
  • Take a mixing bowl. Mix Butter and sugar to light and fluffy with help of a hand mixer.
  • Add eggs to butter-sugar mix, one at a time. Mix it to smooth. 
  • Add orange extract. Then add orange juice and orange zest to the batter.
  • Finally add flour mix to the batter. Whisk it to smooth.
  • Add chopped apricot. Fold into the batter.
  • Pour the cake batter into greased baking pan.
  • Put into oven and bake for 65-75 minutes at 160°C or until firm . Prick a skewer to check if it is done.
  • Shift to wire rack and let it cool down before you slice it.

And enjoy with a cup of strong coffee... :)

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