Monday, April 15, 2013

Return of "Daab Chingri"

This dish is always a show-stopper at any Bengali celebration or gathering or may be only for two of us..any day..even without any good reason!!!
I made it in a different style earlier..which was really good, but this time I made the more authentic version. Main ingredients of this dish is tender coconut flesh (daab er saNsh) and the flavour of bengali five spices (paNchphoron) and mustard paste. Also this is authentically cooked inside a "daab" ( tender coconut shell). Process and ingredients are quite simple. But tastes really great.

Ingredients for "Daab Chingri":

  1. Shrimps decent size 18-20 (de-shelled and de-veined ..leave tails) 
  2. Daab/tender coconut 1 large (with medium thick soft flesh)
  3. Onion 1 small (minced)
  4. Garlic 2 fat cloves (minced)
  5. 1/2 tea spoon green chilli paste (or little more)
  6. 2 table spoon mustard paste
  7. 1/4 tea spoon five spices/paNchphoron
  8. Mustard oil 3 table spoon
  9. Salt according to taste
  10. Turmeric powder few pinch
  11. Atta dough  (enough to seal the coconut) or you can use a piece of aluminium foil 
How to make "Daab Chingri":
  • Scrape the coconut flesh properly and make a smooth paste using the coconut-water. Keep rest of the water aside to use later.
  • Cut the coconut-bottom and make it that it can stand inside oven or a pressure cooker. And cut it's head in a slightly bigger round will help you while stuffing. Keep the lid safely.
  • Heat 3 table spoon oil in a pan. Sprinkle paNchphoron and let it crackle. Don't burn it. Now add onion and garlic mince. Fry until raw smell disappears. 
  • Pour cooked spices and oil in a large mixing bowl. Add mustard paste, chilli paste, turmeric, salt, coconut flesh paste and 2-3 tea spoon coconut water. Mix well.Lastly add shrimps into this paste and mix really well with the spices.
    1. Now you can proceed with 3 ways...
    Cooking method:
    • Stuff this spices and shrimp mix inside the coconut shell and seal it's lid with atta dough.
    • Preheat the oven in 220'C...and cook about 45-50 min.
    • Stuff this spices and shrimp mix inside the coconut shell and seal it's lid with atta dough.
    • Put the Coconut inside a pressure cooker and pour about 3 cups water in pressure cooker...water level should be halfway of the coconut..close the lid and wait until 3-4 whistle in medium heat.
    • Let the vapour get released completely..and cautiously take it out.
    • Shift the spices and shrimp mix in a wok. 
    • Cook it in lowest flame, covered with a lid...until done. Though this is not the authentic way. But it works well.

    Enjoy "Daab Chingri" with plain steamed rice.

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  1. You have wonderfully displayed the recipe and photo of the outcome. Am thoroughly inspired!

  2. Nice Recipe. See my version of Daab Chingri below.


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