Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Goalondo Steamer Curry" (Boatmen-style chicken curry)

"What is that!!??" ..this was my instant thought, when I heard this name for the first time. 
First I thought it might be some other country's cuisine or may be some dish from Goa (as the name is "Goalondo"!). And as usual started Googling. And came to know that it's a place in present Bangladesh! And the dish was originated by the boatmen of "Goalondo-Narayanganj" steamers in pre-partition India (got this info from "The Telegraph"). It's a special chicken curry made with fresh chicken and basic spices. Muslim boatmen, plying boats along the riverine Bengal-Assam border of India (when the country was a British colony), used to make this dish. The boatmen used to cook it for their meal in the middle of river journey and gradually it became popular with the passengers too.
I saw the picture of in my friend Laxmipriya's album and was really curious about the dish. She shared the recipe (which she got from some cooking-community) and it's quite an authentic one.
Speciality of this dish is it's basic ingredients and rustic flavour. Pungency of mustard oil, hot chillies and roughly chopped ginger-garlic and onion makes it super tasty.
I was really surprised to see the ingredients as it's only three or four things..only basic things. But was even more surprised when I tasted! It was amazingly good! 

Ingredients for "Goalondo Steamer Curry":

  1. Chicken (skinless) 700-750 gm (mixed pieces..cleaned and washed)
  2. Ginger 2 table spoon (coarsely chopped)
  3. Garlic 3 table spoon (roughly chopped)
  4. Red onion 5 large (roughly chopped)
  5. Chilli red 4-5 (roughly chopped) (no chilli powder)
  6. Chilli green 5-6 (roughly chopped) (though it was not in original recipe)
  7. Turmeric powder as needed (as it depends on brands and quality)
  8. Salt according to taste
  9. Mustard oil 4 table spoon

How to prepare "Goalono Steamer Curry":
  • Marinate chicken with all the ingredients. Leave it for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Add marinated chicken to a thick bottom pan. Turn on the heat. Saut√© for 5 to 7 minutes. And cover it with a lid.
  • Cook covered over low flame until done.
  • Check the seasoning and serve with steaming hot rice.
1. Do NOT add any souring agent, like tomato, curd/yogurt, vinegar, tamarind juice or lime/lemon juice.
2. Original recipe suggests not to use water. And I did not. As it is meant to cook in mustard oil and onion juice. But you can add little water (half cup or so) if feel.

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  1. i'm drooling... looks so flavorful... :)

  2. :D try it sometimes @ Rafeeda..:)

  3. Don't u need shutki for tha flavour

    1. Err...I never tried with Shutki the other flavours are so strong, I don't think you will need it anyway!

  4. One of the most yummy and easy to prepare dish.


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