Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Achari Murgh...something spicy!!

The wife wanted to try something new, but the husband wanted something Indian (like always!).
She wanted to try something Mughlai..he said, "it's too rich! It should be spicy but not that rich!"
South Indian? "No it's same kari patta-mustard seed & coconut milk!"
Bengali? "Oh yes yes yes ...anytime!"
Grrrrrrr...No way...not again..not this time!
What to do!! How about Achari Murgh? Finally he said, "eeyeesh! sounds good!"
Huhh!! Such a spoilt husband!
By the way, I don't really have any regret trying it!! ;) And the husband said, "you should make it again!"
"Achari Murgh" is actually chicken cooked with pickling spices. "Achar" means "pickle" and "Murgh" is "chicken". Sharing the way I made it..it's easy, simple, spicy but not too rich!

Ingredients for "Achari Murgh":

  1. Chicken 750 gm (skinless, with bone and mixed pieces)
  2. Onion 2 large (thinly sliced)
  3. Tomato 1 large (chopped)
  4. Ginger 1" (paste with 3 chillies. Add or reduce chillies according to your taste.)
  5. Garlic 3 fat cloves (paste)
  6. Garlic 6 fat cloves (sliced lengthwise)
  7. Roasted masala powder** 2 and 1/2 table spoon
  8. Turmeric powder
  9. Salt according to taste
  10. Sugar 1 pinch (if you want)
  11. Mustard oil 1/2 cup 
  12. Chopped coriander leaves 2 table spoon (optional)
Ingredients for Roasted masala powder:**
  • Fenugreek seeds/ methi 1tea spoon
  • Nigella seeds/ kalonji 1/2 tea spoon
  • Fennel seeds/ saunf 1 tea spoon
  • Cumin seeds/ jeera 1 tea spoon
  • Black mustard seeds 1 table spoon
  • Carom seeds/ ajwain 1 tea spoon
  • Dry red chilli 3 pieces
Dry roast all the spices separately till they are fragrant. Mix them together and grind them to a slightly coarse powder.

How to prepare "Achari Murgh":
  • Wash and pat dry chicken pieces. Keep aside.
  • Heat up a pan with mustard oil. Add garlic slices and fry them crisp and brownish. Take out from oil and keep separately.
  • Add onion slices. Fry until soft and translucent. Add ginger-garlic paste and fry until the raw smell is gone. Add tomato pieces. Fry till tomato is cooked.
  • Add 1 table spoon roasted masala powder. Fry for a while. Add turmeric powder. Add chicken pieces. Cook over high heat for a while, until chicken pieces changes color to white.
  • Cover the pan with a lid and cook over low heat, stirring occasionally. Cook like this, till chicken is tender. 
  • Add salt and cook uncovered over medium heat for few minutes. Add 3/4 cup hot water. Add 1 table spoon roasted masala powder. Add sugar if you wish. Shimmer it covered over low heat, till chicken is done.
  • Check the seasoning and adjust gravy.
  • Add remaining roasted masala powder, fried garlic slices and chopped coriander leaves while serving. I served Achari Murgh with phulka.

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  1. I have come here to relish this achari murg...loved the spices you have mention here...must be finger licking good

  2. Awww Deepa feeling soo glad, that you liked..:) thank you dear :)

  3. Wow looking so yummy and photography is nice....
    Lovers of food


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