Saturday, March 16, 2013

A simple Meatball Soup

I love simple meatball soups. Simple yet tasty. Rich in flavour and really healthy.
The dieting phase is not over yet, so what can be better choice than a bowl of spicy & flavourful meatball soup!
I used chicken mince for it is lower calorie meat. And I flavoured them with some South-Asian herbs, like lemongrass & kaffir lime leaf . I simply love these flavours. These flavours make it really special.

Ingredients for "Meatball Soup":

  1. Chicken mince 150 gm (I didn't use all the meatballs for soups)
  2. Egg (only white, leave yolk) 1 large
  3. Onion 1 medium (minced)
  4. Garlic 6 cloves (4 minced and 2 chopped)
  5. Lemongrass 1 stalk (mince white part..keep the rest)
  6. Kaffir lime leaf 6-7
  7. Ginger 1/2 inch (minced) and 2-3 thin slices
  8. Green chilli 2 or as spicy you want (finely chopped)
  9. Coriander leaf 2 table spoon (finely chopped)
  10. Red bellpepper 1 small (cut into thin strips)
  11. Pak choy 2 bunch
  12. Salt according to taste
  13. Black pepper (freshly ground) according to taste
  14. Vegetable oil 1 table spoon

How to make "Meatball Soup":
  • Combine minced chicken, onion, garlic (minced), lemongrass, coriander leaves,green chilli, egg white, salt, black pepper and few drops oil together. Mix well using your hands. Make small balls. Arrange on a aluminium foil/ baking paper. Keep it in fridge for an hour. Your meatballs are ready to use now.
  • Heat 1 table spoon oil in a saucepan. Stir in garlic. Add 3 cups water. Add ginger slices, remaining part of lemongrass and lime leaves, little salt. Bring it to boil and add meatballs (as many you want to use..I used 8 pieces for 2 person. Keep remaining meatballs to use later.)carefully in boiling water.  
  • Shimmer over medium heat till meatballs are almost cooked. Now add bellpepper. Add freshly ground black pepper. Shimmer for more 3-4 minutes. Lastly add pak choy and shimmer for 1-2 minutes.You can remove lemongrss, ginger slices or lime leaves before serving.
  • And your meatball soup is ready to serve!!

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