Monday, January 7, 2013

Spicy HOT chicken lollipops

It was a lovely lazy windy Sundays and felt like making it a special one... without much effort..much hassle .. but something special.
    Well , it's A's idea to have vodka with coconut water (he said ,he got the idea from a hindi movie ....errrrr I was really skeptical!)..However it was really something new & worth trying. Without making much complication ....I admit , I loved it. We had citrus vodka and coconut water (not a very tender coconut...rather those kind have thin flesh inside and water is sweeter).

That's why I opted for this spicy HOT chicken lollipops.. it's easy to make but tastes just heaven.

Ingredients for Spicy HOT chicken lollipop:

  1. Chicken drumettes 10-12 pieces 
  2. Vinegar 1and 1/2 table spoon
  3. Dark soy sauce 1 table spoon
  4. Ginger-garlic paste 2 tea spoon
  5. Chilli flakes 2 table spoon or more (according to taste)
  6. Salt few pinch 

  1. Large egg 1
  2. Corn flour 1 table spoon
  3. Wheat flour 1 table spoon
  4. Dark soy sauce 1/2 tea spoon
  5. Salt 1 or 2 pinch
  6. Red chilli powder 1/2 tea spoon
  7. Ajinomoto 1 pinch 

  1. Garlic cloves 4 (fat ones...chop them finely)
  2. Scallion 3-4 table spoon (thinly sliced)
  3. Hot red/green chilli 2 or more (thinly sliced)
  4. Dark soy sauce 1 tea spoon
  5. Tomato ketchup 1 table spoon
  6. Chilli sauce 2 table spoon
  7. Salt (if needed)
  8. Ajinomoto 1 pinch
  9. White oil 2 tea spoon

  1. Enough white oil for deep frying 
How to prepare Spicy HOT chicken lollipops:
  • First you need to trim chicken drumettes with a sharp knife and give them shape of lollipops. Wash and dry them very well.
  • Marinate chicken drumettes with all the ingredients of marination. And keep it covered for 5-6 hours in fridge.
  • Take a bowl, add all the ingredients for "batter".And mix to a smooth batter.
  • Heat enough oil for deep frying in a deep bottomed pan.
  • Dip marinated chicken drumettes in the batter and fry. Keep the heat to medium and fry till chicken is cooked. Increase the heat and fry untill they are crispy and turns brownish in colour.
  • Take another pan. Heat 2 tea spoon oil in that. Add chopped garlic and saute them to golden. Add scallion and red chilli. Stir for few more seconds. Add sauces and mix together over high flame. Add pinch of salt if needed (be careful about adding salt, as sauces contain salt.) Add  pinch of ajinomoto. Now your sauce is ready.
  • Finally add chicken lollipops to this sauce and stir over high flame to fold in sauce. Transfer to serving plate and sprinkle some spring onion over them.

Enjoy with your favourite drink...surely your loved one will love this...have a pleasant evening!!

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  1. My most preferred starter when I go out to any chinese outlet. Your's looking super tempting..

  2. after waking up in the morning i first saw these chicken lollipops... how can i resist myself through the whole day.. :(
    i'm drooling..
    anyway, happy new year

  3. hahahahahha thank u @ Krishna...feeling delighted that you liked :)

  4. @ Hamaree Rasoi...thank u too a huge indo-chinese fan..:D

  5. you must be great passion is your website very very much..delighted to meet a great cook like you

  6. Thank u so much @ kasturi.nilanjan..for your inspiring words...:)


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