Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mutton Biriyani in my way!!

When I think of something aromatic, delicate, delicious, rich.... single word that comes to my mind immediately is "Biriyani". I just love Biriyani. It's a delicate thing to cook and it requires lots of ingredients. Also the method is complicated and time taking, but the taste is something heavenly.
   This recipe may not be a traditional Biriyani recipe, even I didn't follow any recipe blindly. I made it with my own touch & twist. To my surprise it came out really well. So thought to share this recipe.

   First tip : Do not make the preparations ( like...making Biriyani mashala, making Potli etc.) on the same 
day. Do these things at least a day in prior. As these things take lots of time. Also the Biriyani-method itself  a lengthy process.                                                                                                                                        
   Second tip : Make a list for the steps you are going to follow one after one.                                               

So the first step for making Biriyani is, to prepare the Mashala. Plesae make a check-list to make sure all the ingredients are there and you are not missing anything..at least I do so.

Ingredients for Biriyani Mashala :
  1. Nutmeg/ jaiplal                                    (1/2 of a whole nutmeg)
  2. Mace/ javitri                                        ( 3-4 piece)
  3. Snauf                                                   (1 tea spoon)
  4. Cumin seed/ jeera                                (1 tea spoon)
  5. Coriander seed/ dhaniya                       (1 tea spoon)
  6. Caraway seed/ shah jeera                     (1 tea spoon)
  7. Cinnamon stick/ dalchini                        (1 stick)
  8. Cloves/ laung                                        (5-6 pieces)
  9. Black cardamom/ bari elaichi                 ( 1 piece)
  10. Green cardamom/ choti elaichi               (3-4 pieces)
  11. Black peppercorn/ sabut kaali mirch       (8-10 pieces)
  12. Bay leaf/ tej patta                                   (2 small)
  13. Dry red chilli                                          (2-3 pieces)
  14. Dry rose petal                                        (1 table spoon)

Dry roast each spices separately over medium heat, till you get the finest aroma of respective spices. Do not over roast or burn them..also be careful not to leave them raw. Otherwise you will not get desired aroma.     
 Grind all the roasted spices together to powder.                                                                                          

 Potli ingredients :
  1. 6" x 6" muslin cloth
  2. Shah jeera,
  3. Jeera,
  4. Dhaniya,
  5. Dry red chilli,
  6. Bay leaf,
  7. Dalchini,
  8. Bari elaichi
  9. Choti elaichi
  10. Laung,
  11. Nutmeg
  12. Mace,
  13. Snauf,
  14. Black peppercorn
  15. Dry rose petal

                          Gather all ingredients on the muslin cloth and tie it to make a very loose Potli. Like the picture below.           

                          Mutton preparation 1st level:
                          1. Mutton  (1 kg ...large pieces with bone..washed & pat dried)
                          2. Whole onion (1 large with a "X" on the top)
                          3. Garlic (3-4 whole cloves)
                          4. Ginger (3-4 slices)
                          5. Mashala Potli
                          6. Salt (according to taste)
                          7. Water ( minimum amount possible...only to pressure cook the meat)
                          Arrange all ingredients in a pressure cooker and cook over minimum heat, till the meat is almost done.          
                          Open the cooker once it is done and vapour comes out completely. Take the potli out and the other ingredients..like onion,garlic or ginger.                                                                                                          
                          Now sauté the meat over high flame till remaining water evaporates. Be careful not to burn the meat.             
                          Keep it aside for marination.                                                                                                                     




                          Marinating Mutton:

                          1. Mutton (precooked)
                          2. Fried onion / birista (1/2 cup)
                          3. Chopped coriander leaves (1/2 cup)
                          4. Chopped mint leaves (1/2 cup)
                          5. Ginger paste (1 and 1/2 table spoon)
                          6. Garlic paste (1 table spoon)
                          7. Thick curd (1 cup)
                          8. Biriyani mashala (3 heaped table spoon)
                          9. Salt (little bit...as you have added salt while cooking the meat)

                          Marinate meat with all the ingredients for 45 minutes.                                                                                     

                          Ingredients & Method for making Biriyani rice:
                          1. Good quality Basmati rice (700 gms) (wash 2-3 times and soak about 30 minutes)
                          2. Shah jeera  (1 tea spoon)
                          3. Dry rose petal (1 table spoon)
                          4. Salt  (according to taste)
                          5. White oil (1 table spoon)
                          Boil water with shah jeera, rose petal and salt. Add soaked rice and oil to water. And cook for 3-4 minutes (time depends on rice) or the rice is 70% done.                                                                                           
                          Stain the rice immediately and on a large plate or clean flat surface.Let it dry.                                               

                          Other Ingredients:

                          1. Hard boiled egg  (one piece per head)
                          2. Potato (large pieces)
                          3. Biriyani mashala (1 tea spoon)
                          4. Salt (few pinch)

                          Marinate egg and potato pieces with biriyani mashala and salt.                                                                    
                          Fry eggs to golden in color.                                                                                                                          
                          Fry potato pieces over medium heat till tender and golden in color.                                                                

                          "Dum" (steam) cooking :

                          1. Marinated mutton
                          2. Cooked rice
                          3. Fried egg and potato
                          4. Clarified butter/ ghee (34 cup)
                          5. Saffron strands/ kesar (soaked in few table spoon water)
                          6. Chopped coriander & mint leaves (half cup each)
                          7. Birista (1/2 cup)
                          8. Rose water (1 and 1/2 tea spoon)
                          9. Keora water (1 tea spoon...I did not use..as it's not much liked at my home)
                          10. Mitha itr (2 drops....also did not use because of same reason)
                          11. Atta dough (enough to seal the vessel)
                          • Take a large flat & heavy bottomed vessel (if you don't have one, take a large normal flat bottom vessel and a flat tawa). Heat half cup ghee in this vessel and add marinated mutton at bottom layer. Add some coriander-mint leaves over the layer and also some birista and little bit rose water.             
                          • Make the second layer with potato and eggs.                                                                                     
                          • Make third layer with half of rice. Cover the rice layer with coriander-mint leaves, biriyai mashala (half of remaining mashala), birista, 2 tea spoon ghee, rose water, (little bit keora water and a drop of mitha itr)                                                                                                                                            
                          • Now the final layer of rice and coriander-mint leaves, biriyai mashala (half of remaining mashala), birista, 2 tea spoon ghee , rose water, (little bit keora water and a drop of mitha itr) .                          
                          • Add kesar milk over the final layer.                                                                                                    
                          • Cover the edges of the vessel with atta dough and cover and seal the vessel with a well fitted lid, so no vapour can escape.                                                                                                                            
                          • Reduce the heat to lowest and let it cook undisturbed for 30 minutes. (Do not put the vessel on direct heat if you are not using a heavy bottom...put it on a tawa and then on flame.)                                     
                          • After 30 minutes turn off the flame and give it more 5-6 minutes standing time before you open the lid. 
                          • Give it few gentle shakes to mix it..it's prefered not to use to much spoon for better texture.                 

                          Serve & enjoy hot Biriyani with raita.


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