Thursday, July 19, 2012

A sweet story ..."Nolen gurer Sondesh"

"Nolen gur" or "kheNjur gur" is a must-have thing at my maa's kitchen during winter. Baba used to buy it directly from the jaggery-makers of a village near to Bangladesh-border. The sweet smell of fresh "gur" was so inviting that never could resist myself to have too much of it. Normally baba used to buy the jaggery bars "patali gur" as these were easy to preserve throughout the year in fridge. But sometimes he bought those clay pots (matir hari) with liquid jaggery...which was my most favourite. Ma used to make us "jhola gur" to have with roti or plain white breads.
      Though I don't have that much of sweet tooth but I am a huge fan of "nolen gurer sondesh"...may be my bong-blood is responsible for that. And while talking about maa was too good in making them. I never had a better one than maa's.
       Made this sondesh today and it was damn good...could not stop myself to go for second one immediately after having the first one...same happen to my hubby-darling as well :P

  • Whole milk/full cream milk 1 ltr
  • Lime juice or white vinegar 2 table spoon (I prefer vinegar)
  • Date palm jaggery 3 table spoon + 1 table spoon 
  • Sugar 2 table spoon (you may increase or decrease according to your taste)
  • Water 1 tea spoon
  • Combine 1 table spoon with 1 tea spoon in a sauce pan and put on heat.Stir it with a spoon to make a syrup. Consistency should be thick.
 patali gur

 Syrup making

Syrup ready
  • Boil milk in a pan and add lime juice/ vinegar to it. Stir with spoon gently for a minute or so to curdle the milk. Turn off the heat. It will make the chana/paneer/cottage cheese.
  • Now pour this chana/paneer/cottage cheese to a muslin cloth and squeeze out all the water. And put some weight on it to squeeze out the water completely. 
  • Knead chana on a clean & flat surface with sugar and rest of jaggery to a lump free,soft,smooth dough. 
  • Heat a non stick pan and transfer this dough to it. Cook for 1 or 2 minutes stirring fast and continuously with a wooden spatula. Turn off the heat and continue stirring for more 2 minutes.
  • Make small balls while the dough is still warm. And give it your preferred shape. And make the sondesh. Press a little bit in the middle of sondesh to give it a bowl like shape, so that it can hold the jaggery syrup.
  • Slowly pour the jaggery-syrup to each sondesh-bowl. And serve..:)


  1. Believe me its really very tasty food,all the items are mind must try it.
    Sydney Food Blog

  2. As my hubby has gone to Kolkata I told him to bring for me some liquid patali gur. Could you please tell me how to prepare jhola gur from the liquid gur as I also want to taste it with roti.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying Sanchita.. "Jhola gur" is actually liquid "gur" or syrup... Normally we boil " patali gur" (solid "gur" ) with very little water to make "jhola gur"

    2. By the way we call those solid bars or bowls (shape) of "gur"~ patali gur


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