Friday, April 6, 2012

The famous "Posto Bora" (poppy seed cutlet)

"Posto Bora" (poppy seed fritter) is like a "soul food" for almost all Bengali...specially for "ghoti"s (those who are originally from West Bengal). It tastes just heavenly with plain white rice and "patla musurir daal". Me and my sister used to fight over it (about the size of course...whose is larger!! )!!
Quite a simple recipe with very less ingredients..only what matters is the "poppy seed paste"..if it's done properly, you don't need to worry about the rest!

Ingredients for "Posto Bora":
  1. Poppy seed  (1 cup)
  2. Onion (1 medium/small- finely chopped)
  3. Green chilli (2 or as per your taste- 1 of them chopped)
  4. Salt (as required)
  5. Sugar (1 pinch)
  6. All purpose flour 1 tea spoon (If needed..but I don't use.)
  7. Mustard oil for shallow frying (This is must!)

How to prepare "Posto Bora":
  • Soak poppy seed for an hour. Wash and strain. Make a coarse paste with very little water and 1 or 2 green chilli. My ma makes the paste using a "shil-nora" (manual mortar pestle). But I don't have that. I do it in my mixer grinder.

  • In a bowl mix poppy seed paste, chopped onion,chopped green chilli,salt,sugar and flour (if needed).

  • Now heat 3-4 tea spoon mustard oil in a flat bottom pan or tawa and shape the mixture in 4 or 5 bora/fritter. Fry it over lowest heat for some times. Flip to the other side when one side is done. Fry well until both sides are golden brown in colour.
  • Serve with plain white rice and daal.

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