Friday, March 16, 2012

Malaysian style fish curry

Fish curry is a very popular dish in Malaysia. A very fresh aromatic flavour of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and coconut milk make it very special. 

  1. fish 5 pieces (I used rohu, but it also goes very well with prawn or bhetki)
  2. potato 1 large (cut into quarters lenthwise and boiled),8 okra
  3. 1 large tomato
  4. lemongrass 1 stick  
  5. kaffir lime leaf 3/4
  6. galangal 1 inch
  7. gerlic 3 cloves 
  8. 2 shallot
  9. red hot thai chilli
  10. (make a smooth paste of galangal,garlic,red chili and some of the white portion of lemongrass)
  11. 2 table spoon coconut cream (thick cream)
  12. cumin seed (half tea spoon)
  13. salt,turmeric powder,cumin powder,coriander powder
  14. cooking oil

  1. Fry the fish and okra separately and keep aside. don't fry too much.
  2. In rest of oil sprinkle cumin seed. Stir for a while and add chopped shallot to it.
  3. fry until onion is soft and translucent.
  4. Add the spices paste,cumin,coriander,turmeric powder and salt accordingly.Add chopped tomato.
  5. Fry until oil starts separating.
  6. Now add boiled potato.Fry for few minutes and add water and coconut cream.Also add kaffir lime leaf and 
  7. one stick lemongrass (cut into halves lenthwise to get the flavor). Let it shimmer for few minutes with a cover.
  8. Add fish and okra and shimmer for few more minutes.
  9. Best served with plain steamed rice.

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