Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vegetable/Chicken Momo with Soup

Maida/ All purpose flour 2 cups.
Finely chopped (not sliced) vegetables (beans, red-green-wellow bellpepper, tomato, carrot, onion,ginger,gerlic,green chili)- for vegetable momo.
Chicken keema-boil and squeeze out the water (ginger,gerlic, onion and green chili finely chopped)
- for chicken momo.
Salt, lime juice, very little refined oil.
Pepper powder.
Water as needed.


  • Marinate vegetables with lime juice and salt.
  • For chicken momo marinate boiled chicken keema with salt ,lime juice, chopped onion,ginger and gerlic and green chili.
  • Make soft dough of maida/apf with plain normal water and a pinch of salt. Dough should be really soft.
  • Make very small balls from the dough and make very thin round shape sheet of that (like luchis), if the sheet is sticking with belan you can use bit powdered maida but don't use oil for it.
  • Stuff the marinated vegetable or chicken inside the small thin luchis and fold it like momo with applying a brush of water on the edge of those luchis.

  • On the bottom of the steamer heat 1 teaspoon refined oil.
  • For veg soup saute gerlic and other left marinate vegetables , salt and pour water(as needed for soup).
  • For chcken soup saute gerlic,bit ginger and salt. And pour chicken stock.
  • Bring it in boiling mode.

  • Oil brush the steamer head and arrange the momos on it. And cover it well with steamer lid.

  • steam the momos in medium heat at least for 15-20 minutes or untill cooked.
  • apply pepper powder in soup and serve hot with momos and red chili chatni.

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