Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Before my marriage I used to cook to help my mom and obviously to impress my father...because my dad always praised me and encouraged me and he would love anything by me..:). He always loved to have simple bengali dishes. Though he eat very less..but he was absolutely foodie!!:)

Now, after marriage cooking is a obvious part of my life. And I love to cook for my hubby (as he loves food made by me and he is too sweet to not to say bad if I make anything non-edible also!!hehehe) and my family and friends...Here in my blog I am going to share few of my recipes.The food I like to cook. Though I collected many of them from my mom and mother in law and from other sources. :) I am pretty sure many of my friends would love these recipes.

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  1. I love food and from my childhood my mom and my "Baroma (My Aunt)" was extremely fond of cooking. They were like the only 10 star deluxe chef for me and I used to have foods made by them by ending eating my fingers -:)

    I used to think a lot how will be my wife? whether she will be able to cook like my mom/baroma or not? If I am away from them then who will cook for me my favorite dishes and used to be very very sad thinking it's impossible to find out this kind of a girl who can cook in such a way. I know it's the most stupidity to think all such things about marriage...:) but honestly that was the way of my thinking...while I was thinking to get married.

    When I went to meet with Tanu, I asked her do you know cooking? and she was very honest to say yes. Felt happy but was not sure that she can cook my favorite normal Bengali dishes??? Now question arise...I was looking for a cook or wife? hahahaha :) Answer is ...looking for a friend/wife who can not only love me or vice versa but also can help me putting on wait..:)))

    However, lots of thing to share but just would like to share as of now...I am truly Lucky to have her in my life and do love all her dishes even the worst experimental one!


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